Portrett av Per Inge Bjørlo
Per Inge Bjørlo

Inner Space VI. The Realm of Life.


– Art is a way of thinking. Under the pressure of our time, we need places to correct or adjust ourselves. I would like each of you to seek out Indre rom VI/Livsløpet (Inner Space VI. The Realm of Life) with this in mind – to be made aware of the fact that we're all alone out here.

Per Inge Bjørlo (born 1952) is a sculptor, painter as well as being an important contributor to the visual arts. He is considered one of Norway's most profiled contemporary artists. Bjørlo's most renowned works are the series Indre rom (Inner Space) and his large sculptures at Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.

Art is a cerebral process to Bjørlo, a guide when life has turned difficult and come to a standstill. It is also is a challenge beyond oneself. Art helps examine the human condition.

Indre rom VI. Livsløpet (Inner Space VI. The Realm of Life) is commissioned especially for the Ekeberg Park. This is a work the public can literally enter. The visitors become more than just onlookers, they can touch, see and hear the oeuvre and its spatial qualities. On the outside, there is a bench designed and placed by the artist, so that the surrounding area is drawn into the sculpture.

Indre rom VI. Livsløpet (Inner Space VI. The Realm of Life), 2013

© Per Inge Bjørlo / BONO

Foto: © Ivar Kvaal/Ekebergparken