Portrett George Cutts

The Dance

– The inspiration and theme of all my sculptures is landscape, plant growth, light and water.

The English sculptor George Cutts (born 1938) dropped out of schools as a fourteen year old and began as an apprentice metalworker at a shipyard in Northern England. This whetted his interest in the material which was to lead him on to study art. At the time, Cutts was the youngest student ever to be admitted to the Royal College of Art in London.

He was one of the first to combine stainless steel and stone in sculptures. Cutts works with static as well as moving installations, often utilizing huge formats. His inspirations are growing plants, the landscape surrounding us, water and light.

Ekeberg Park's The Dance is in constant movement. The slim, elegant forms keep shifting in an enthralling and almost mesmerizing dance. The artist presents us with optical illusions and plays with the interaction between shapes.

© George Cutts / BONO

The Dance, 2013.