Portrait of Knut Steen


– Make the bronze sing, the marble hover.


The Norwegian sculptor Knut Steen (1924–2011) is controversial as well as popular with the greater public. His is nationally and internationally renowned. Steen has created works of art in such materials as granite, concrete, bronze, steel and marble. The Whaling Monument in Sandefjord is considered his main oeuvre. His last monumental work, the seven meter granite sculpture of King Olav V, was a matter of contention until it finally was mounted in Gulen.

Drømmersken (Dreaming Woman) in the Ekeberg Park was inspired by Steen's long-lasting professional career in Carrara, a place in Italy known for its appealing white marble and long traditions of stonemasonry. This material is well-suited towards Steen's artistic instinct. He created a number of slightly abstract marble figures, such as this beautiful sculpture. Through his virtuosity, the heavy stone is made graceful, lightweight, almost hovering, just as the dreaming countenance seems to rest cmpletely unburdened on the classic pillar.

Drømmersken (Dreaming Woman), 1992.

© Knut Steen / BONO

Foto: ©Ivar Kvaal/Ekebergparken