Matt Johnson

Levitating Woman


–I like the simple things that have meaningful undertones or layers of complexities.

Please note: Levitating Woman is currently unavailable due to restoration. 

The way American artist Matt Johnson (born 1978) experiments with shapes and materials is apt to take the spectator by surprise. His creations are endowed with whimsical as well as subtle aspects. Drawn towards the mysterious and spiritual, Johnson remains deeply rooted in art history as he comments on life's complexities. He often chooses materials that seem to conflict with his subjects.

Levitating Woman depicts a nude, hovering female form covered by a cloak which descends in soft creases, but the gentle and luscious shapes are an illusion. The sculpture is made of bronze and anchored firmly in the ground. Matt Johnson transforms a heavy, rigid material into something weightless, sensuous and mellow.

This piece can spawn a number of connotations, spanning from the use of draperies throughout art history to modern illusionists who seemingly make people levitate.

© Matt Johnson / BONO

Levitating woman, 2013.

Bronze, 76 × 213 × 99 cm.