Skyspace & Ganzfeld by James Turrell


Skyspace & Ganzfeld is open for guided tours every sunday


Due to the covid-19 regulations Oslo we must ask everyone who enter the installations the following requirements:

  • To wear face masks.
  • The maximum number is 5 persons for each guided tour. 
  • Keep a safe distance to everyone. 

Thank you!


Every sunday, all through the year we offer guided tours for Ganzfeld: Double Vision and Skyspace: the Color Beneath. You will experience Ganzfeld: Double Vision and also enter Skyspace: the Color Beneath where the guide tells you about the artwork. Skyspace can only be fully experienced during a sunset or a sunrise, called Sunset/Sunrise Sessions (see bottom of page). The guided tours are free of charge with a drop-in system. See the hours below: 


Hours of guided tours on Sundays:


11:00       11:30      12:00      

12:30      13:00      14:00     

14:30      15:30      16:00  


Please Note: 

  • You have to follow a guided tour to enter the art installations
  • The tour lasts for about 15-20 minutes
  • Maximum 5 people for each group due to the Covid-19 regulations.
  • No pre-booking available. Go to the entrance before the tour begins. If there is no more space available, you can book a later time, but only for the same day and by talking to the guides outside the installation. Please note that you have to meet up 5 minutes before the tour begins
  • If no one is outside the installation, it is because they are currently having a tour inside
  • The guided tours on Sundays are free of charge




About James Turrell 


The American artist James Turrell works with perception, color, light and space. Turrell's artwork engages the observer and lets us experience visual impressions we have not seen the like of. Skyspace is Turrell's most famous work, and has become his lifelong project and today there are more than 80 completely different Skyspaces around the world.



Sunrise / Sunset Sessions


The coloured light in Skyspace can only be experienced fully at sunrise and sunset and by booking a private guided tour. The artwork is a specially designed room with an opening in the ceiling, directly to the sky. The light in the installation changes color during the session in order to influence the viewer's perception of their surroundings. 


  • Only prebooking for private groups 

  • Price: 3.850,- NOK 

  • Included are entrance to Ganzfeld, private guide and a welcome drink (non-alcoholic)

  • Time: during sunsets or sunrises

  • We recommend to book well in advance

  • One session lasts about 1,5 to 2 hours