Skyspace & Ganzfeld by James Turrell



Please Note: Ganzfeld and Skyspace is closed due to maintenance on Sunday 6th of August. We apologize for any inconvenience. The installations opens again on Sunday 13th of August. 


Every sunday, all through the year we offer guided tours at daytime inside James Turrells magical light installation: Ganzfeld: Double Vision. Ganzfeld  is built inside an old water reservoir from the 1920s, where the room is filled with light and color which is a both visual and physical experience for visitors. You will experience Ganzfeld: Double Vision where the guide tells you about the artist and artwork. You will also see Skyspace: the color beneath which only can be fully experienced during the sunrise or sunset. The Sunday guided tours are free of charge with a drop-in system. No pre-booking available. 




  • Free guided tours between 11 AM to 16 PM every Sunday
  • See blackboard outside the installation for available times
  • No pre-booking available
  • You must follow a guided tour to enter the art installations
  • Maximum 8 people for each tour




  • For the next available tour, talk to our guides outside the installation or see blackboard outside the entrance. 
  • If there is no one outside the installation during opening hours, it is because the guides are currently having a tour. They will come out before the next tour begins. 





The American artist James Turrell works with perception, color, light and space. Turrell's artwork engages the observer and lets us experience visual impressions we have not seen the like of. Skyspace is Turrell's most famous work, and has become his lifelong project and today there are more than 80 completely different Skyspaces around the world.






The coloured light in Skyspace can only be fully experienced at Sessions during sunrise or sunset. This must be booked as a private guided tour. The artwork is a specially designed room with an opening in the ceiling, directly to the sky. The light in the installation changes color during the session in order to influence the viewer's perception of their surroundings. 


  • Price: NOK 3850,- 

  • The price is for minimum one (1) person up to fifteen (15) people

  • Included are entrance to Ganzfeld, guided tour and welcome drinks (sparkling wine)

  • Time: only during sunsets or sunrises

  • Maximum 15 persons

  • Please make your inquiry at least one week in advance

  • The Session lasts about 1,5 to 2 hours

  • For booking a private Sunrise/Sunset Session (NOK 3850,-), please click here: book




We offer DROP-IN SESSIONS in Skyspace on selected dates. Here you can buy a single ticket for a Sunset Session in Skyspace. Please see our calendar WHATS ON? for available dates. Tickets can be bought through TIKKIO.NO. See link for tickets in the event in our calendar. 


  • Single ticket price: NOK 390,- 
  • Only on pre-selected dates and times
  • Only 15 tickets available for each drop-in session