Portrait of James Turrell

Skyspace & Ganzfeld

Skyspace. James Turrell

– We're part of creating this world in which we live, but we're unaware of how we do that or even that we do that.

James Turrell (born 1942) is an American artist who works with light, colors and space. With permanent installations in 26 countries, he arguably leads his field. Turrell obtained a college degree in psychology before he turned to an art education. He has spent many years working with light and space. His installations show a common trait in that they tend to encompass the spectators, so that the light and color effects they experience are controlled ny the artist's concept.

In 2013, Turrell used the old water reservoir in the Ekeberg Park to create to location-specific works. In Ganzfeld: Double Vision the artist makes use of colors to influence our perceptions. During dawns and sunsets, Skyspace: The Color Beneath create a magnificent communion between the room you sit in and the sky above.

Turrells Quaker background is very much present in his Skyspaces. They are places to meet the light and bid it welcome.


Ganzfeld: Double Vision, 2013.

Skyspace: The Color Beneath, 2013

© James Turrell / BONO