Guy Buseyne




Belgian artist Guy Buseyne (born 1961) has a professional history that spans publishing, graphic design and furniture restoration as well as a background in ceramics and sculpture studies.

The major bulk of his sculptures depict human characters in figurative techniques, but he has created more abstract sculptures as well.

The work of art in the Ekeberg Park adheres to naturalist and figurative traditions. Buysene's sculpture relates to Auguste Rodin's well-known statue The Thinker, a man poised in almost the same position as this girl; both with a hand resting on a bent knee and the head tilted downwards as the figure is submerged in profound contemplation.

Reflections is placed near the park's sandbox. Children on a break from the playground often keep it company and have been known to wrap their arms around her waist while lost in thought.

© Guy Buseyne / BONO

Reflections, 2006.

Bronze, 70 cm.