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Welcome to Ekebergparken!


Here you can partake in experiences involving both art, history and nature. 

The combination of Ekeberg's long history, the beautiful nature and the splendid sculptures offers visitors a triple experience.

The park is large, with woods, established paths and a huge collection of sculptures. With its many sculptures and installations , representative of European art history of the last 130 years, it is an important contribution to Oslo and Norway’s public art scene.

The park has received wide recognition both domestically and abroad and attracts a large international professional audience. Shortly after opening the Wall Street Journal featured Ekebergparken as one of the world’s five best sculpture parks. Ekebergparken is a public sculpture park owned by the City of Oslo,  managed by C. Ludens Ringnes Foundation.

Go wander on your own or contact us for a guided tour all year around. 

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telephone: 21 42 19 19