Richard Hudson
Richard Hudson

Marilyn Monroe

– Line is the most important thing to me, the continuity of it ... I like sculptures that flow.


Richard Hudson (born 1957) from Great Britain works with organic shapes. He wishes to imbue a feeling of balance and harmony on the encounter with his art. Hudson works in the crossroads between traditional sculpture and contemporary artistic narrative delivery.

In combination with the inspiration he has gathered from great modernists like Henry Moore, Jean Arp and Constantin Brancusi, Hudson's own formal language has catapulted him to the forefront of artistic recognition.

Marilyn Monroe is set in soft, undulating curves. The full-figured shape recreate a Marilyn Monroesque femininity and render her recognizable to the spectators. This impression is made even more pronounced by its highly polished and glossy surface. Even so, there is something almost primitive and simplistic about the expression that makes one recall the fertility goddesses of earlier times. Just like the artists of bygone ages, Hudson instills his female form with a sense of fecundity, empowerment and beauty.

​© Richard Hudson / BONO

Marilyn Monroe, 2002.

Stainless steel, 250 cm.