Portrett av Tony Oursler



– I always say you have to look for things in places that you wouldn't expect to find them.


American installation artist Tony Oursler (born 1957) has created three location-specific works for the Ekeberg Park. They each comment the way we relate to technology and language on a backdrop of the history of communication and in close proximity to the park's scenery.

The video grotto Klang emerges from the landscape. Nevertheless, people leave their mark on what seems to be a natural manifestation as constantly shifting images and symbols glow on the many screens in this installation.

Oursler is particularly well-known for combining light, sound and movement in his art. During the 1990's, Oursler became known for his Talking Lights, and The Influence Machine (2000) made him even more visible, using light projections on trees, smoke and buildings in New York City's Madison Park and London's Soho Square.


Klang, 2013.

Location-specific work

© Tony Oursler / BONO