Guided tours

Ekeberg package I

Have you visited Ekebergparken with one of our skillful guides? Bring friends, acquaintances or colleagues for a private guided tour! We will welcome you with a drink at Lund's House where we inform you about the park and museum. Afterward we will walk through the park, looking at a selection of the artworks placed in the beautiful landscape. The tour also includes a stop at James Turrell's magical light installation under the reflecting pool. 

  • Duration: 1.5 hours.
  • Price for groups up to 15 people 3 500 NOK 
  • 185 NOK per additional person 
  • Max 25 people per group

Ekeberg package II

Guided tour in combination with lunch or dinner at the Ekeberg Restaurant or Karlsborg Spiseforretning. We start either from Karlsborg Spiseforretning, the Ekeberg Restaurant or Lund's House where you will be served welcome drinks. From there the tour will go through the park, and we will look at a selection of works from the collection.

  • Duration: 60 mins.
  • Price for groups up to 15 people 2 650 NOK 
  • 170 NOK per additional person
  • Max 25 people per group

Historical walking tour

Enjoy an historical walk through Ekebergparken! The tour guides you through the park's ancient and modern history and offers an insight into how Ekeberg has been a resource area ever since the Old Stone Age. The guide will also explain how its location has given the area a central role in historical events right up until the present day. The tour starts with a visit to Ekeberg Museum before heading out into the park's historical setting. Here you will experience a unique cultural landscape with cultural monuments preserved from the Old Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and World War II.

  • Duration 1.5 hours
  • Price for groups up to 15 persons NOK 3 500             
  • Price per additional person NOK 185  
  • Max. 25 persons per group

Experience Skyspace

In the old water reservoir at Ekeberg world-renowned American artist James Turrell has created two idiosyncratic light installations. To witness sunset or sunrise in Skyspace is a completely unique art experience. The interplay between natural lighting and that created in the installation creates unknown combinations and sensory experiences. The surroundings are altered and our perception challenged. Our art mediators will narrate about the work and the artist. Admission to Ganzfeld: Double Vision and Skyspace: The Color Beneath. 

  • Duration: Approx. 2 hours
  • Price: 3 650 NOK for groups up to 15 people