Portrett av Tony Cragg

Cast Glances

Cast Glances

– I always have rules about what I'm doing, and the game becomes to break the rules, but on my own terms.


British Tony Cragg (born 1949) has a most varied artistic output. His work encompasses everything from installations to bronze sculptures. During the 1970's, Cragg worked extensively with containers of different kinds. Later on, the series Early Forms grew out of this endeavor, and the container became a metaphor for the human body. In the Rational Beings series the body appears to try and break free of its shape.

Cast Glances is part of the Rational Beings series. As the spectator moves around the sculptures, Tony Cragg lets facial features and profiles come into being. There is a complicated process behind these astonishing effects. Building on drawings and models, Cragg creates meretriciously crafted pieces that seem both organic and dynamic.

Ans Cast Glances obviously is a play on words, as the spectator “casts” aspects of the sculpture by looking at it from different angels.

Cast Glances, 2002.

© Tony Cragg / BONO

Bronze, 240 × 190 cm.