Portrait of Auguste Rodin
Auguste Rodin


– Nothing immoral can ever exist in art. Art is always hallowed.


Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) is among the most famous sculptors within realism and figurative art. Rodin wanted to be an artist from an early age, but it was a long and rocky road. But by the 1880's, he had made it to the top, and at the end of the century he was internationally renowned.

The sculpture Eva depicts history's first woman just after the fall from grace. The age of innocence is past, and she bows her head as she tries to conceal her nakedness.

Eva originated as a part of The Gates of Hell, a work in the shape of a portal to a French museum of decorative arts that was planned, but never actually built. The artist placed Adam and Eve on opposite sides of the entrance. This is one of the sculptures from the portal that has been singled out for use as an individual work. The other Rodin sculpture in the park, Cariatide tombée à l’urne, is derived from the portal as well, as is the world famous The Thinker.


Eva, 1881.

Bronze, 84 cm.