The Ekeberg Stairs

This is one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the park. Before us lay the Oslofjord and islands such as Langøyene, Hovedøya and Gressholmen. In the middle distance one sees Nesodden and in the far distance one can make out Fornebulandet and Kolsåstoppen.

The area has been used throughout the ages, precisely for its beautiful and strategic location. Incidents relating to the Northern Seven Years' War occurred here during the period 1563-70, while the occupying powers during the Second World War chose to establish a cemetery for fallen soldiers in the area. One may learn more about the historical events through a visit to our museum at Kongsveien 23.

Today the area is frequently used by hikers and others. Watching the sunset here is highly recommended.

The Ekeberg Restaurant

The Ekeberg Restaurant has one of the most spectacular views among Oslo restaurants. It is idyllically located in Ekebergåsen with a view of the fjord, Bjørvika and the city.


The restaurant was built for the municipality of Oslo 1927–1929. The building was designed by architect Lars Backer and is one of the finest examples of classical functionalism in Norway. It is considered one of Europe's foremost buildings in the functionalist style.

The Munch Spot

It was in conjunction with a walk at Ekeberg that Norway's most famous artist, Edvard Munch, had the experience which led to the world-famous painting Scream. Today the Munch Spot is the place where one can see a modern version of the view of the city and the fjord which the artist immortalized as the backdrop for the angst-ridden figure in the painting.  

It is also here where one of the world's most influential artists, Marina Abramovic, paid homage to Munch with her interactive performance in 2013. A total of 270 Oslo residents participated in what is now immortalized on both film and photo. The film can be watched in the museum. Today the public can make their own performance on the site, as Abramovic left behind a frame for this purpose.

Möbius Trippel

This viewpoint is not one of the best known, but it is no less charming and idyllic. From here you can look toward Bunnefjorden, while Kongshavn upper secondary school (the old Sailor's School from 1917) rests proudly on the precipice slanted below.


A bench is placed next to Norwegian Aase Texmon Rygh's sculpture Möbius Trippel. From this one may enjoy the views and take in the symphony of bird twitter from the woods.

Inner Space VI

The artwork Indre Rom VI - Livsløpet [Inner Space VI - The Life Cycle] by Per Inge Bjørlo is situated north of the Karlsborg Spiseforretning restaurant.


This spot may be regarded as the spearhead of Ekebergparken, with panorama views of the city of Oslo. This is a very popular location for visitors to photograph the harbor of the capitol and the ever-expanding city.