Guided tours

60 min Sculpture walk

Experience one of the top 5 sculpture parks in the world - in only 60 minutes! The sculpture walk combines beautiful landscape, history and an art collection of high quality. You learn about the area's history and highlights from the collection. Our guides have a academic background in art history or the performing arts field.

  • Duration: 60 mins
  • Price for groups up to 25 people NOK 2 950,- 
  • Maximum 25 persons
  • Please book  at least 1 week in advance


Sculpture walk

Ekebergparken's sculpture walk combines beautiful landscape, high-quality sculptures and history. The tour also includes access to James Turrell's magical light installations under the reflecting pool.* Ekebergparken is ranked one of the top 5 sculpture parks in the world and all our guides have academic background in art history or from the performing arts field.

  • Price for groups up to 25 people NOK 3 850,-
  • Max 25 people per group
  • The price includes refreshments, map and private guide

*due to covid-19 regulations the maximum number of people inside the light installations is 10 people. If the group is bigger, they have to split in two seperate groups. Please contact us for more information. 

Photo: ©James Turrell/Skyspace/Florian Holzerr/Ekebergparken


In the old water reservoir at Ekeberg world-renowned American artist James Turrell has created two idiosyncratic light installations. To witness sunset or sunrise in Skyspace is a completely unique art experience. The interplay between natural lighting and that created in the installation creates unknown combinations and sensory experiences. The surroundings are altered and our perception challenged. Our art mediators will narrate about the work and the artist. Admission to Ganzfeld: Double Vision and Skyspace: The Color Beneath. 

  • Duration: Approx. 2 hours
  • Price: NOK 3 850,- for groups up to 10 people*
  • We recommend to book well in advance for a Session in Skyspace
  • The price comes with a private guide and a full sunrise/sunset session 
  • You can book a private Session all year around

*The limit of 10 people is due to covid-19 regulations and to keep a safe distance. This does not apply to those who are fully vaccinated.